Zip lining in Puerto Plata can be a thrilling experience, available in incredible natural settings such as Damajagua ( same location as the 27 falls adventure), at the Maimon region near Amber Cove (Country World park) or at the Monkey Jungle in Sosua. The Cruise Port in Maimon has its own shorter zip line, only for cruise passengers.

Several tour operators bundle the tour with ATVs or horseback riding, and most will just book the zip lining alone.

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Puerto Plata Zip Line Tours

From the list of tour operators we include here Mega Adventures, which offers other tours in a very professional atmosphere, with well trained crew. They also offer bundles that may include food, ATV, horseback riding and other combined activities.

Another great operator is Country World, which is an activities park near Maimon, and we always recommend to Costambar Beach visitors due to its proximity. They also offer combined offers, be sure to check online.

About a half hour driving time away, in the beach of Guzmancito there`s a zip line over the ocean, from tour operator Wild Play. Those with time to drive to and from will benefit from the ocean perspective, also from other tours in that pristine area of Puerto Plata.

Marysol Tours in Puerto Plata has been around for many years, also offering zip lining tours in their catalog. They`re located in Playa Dorada, right next to Señor Rock Café. Open from 9:00am-3:00Pm

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