Sosua Catamaran charter

One of the most relaxing tours in the Puerto Plata region is the Sosua Catamaran charter, perfect for a family getaway, a yacht party or birthday with friends. This type of boat offers a smoother ride, given its double hulled configuration, joined by a center bridge. To most sailing enthusiasts, a catamaran is the way to go when entertaining groups in its multiple areas such as the trampoline, wider deck, rear lounge, rooms and main salon.

Catamaran Photos

Sweeping Landscape Vistas

The Sosua Catamaran charter sails along the most beautiful coastal zones and beaches of the North Coast, stopping at several places where coral reefs are found, perfect snorkeling spots for the group to jump and enjoy. The snorkel gear is included in the boat, as well as support crew. Sosua Beach is a major landmark in the trip, with its superb crystalline waters and reef heads.

All-inclusive charter packages

The all-inclusive charters are conveniently organized with drinks, food, stereo system, ice and the option to bring any extra food or drinks at no surcharge. Most catamarans fit between 1 and 20 guests, there are several options to choose from in size and models. One we particularly enjoy is the Fountaine Pajot 43 Ibiza (Pictured above) that fits 1-18 guests and costs US$1100.00 for a four hour charter.

Aerial of the Sosua catamaran

Sosua is the most active nautical destination of Puerto Plata.

Where to Book

You can book by visiting the Sosua Catamaran page, if you need taxi service there are several available from Costambar, right before the beach.  Departing from Costambar takes about 45 minutes to reach the departure port (Sosua Bay). The scheduled charters depart 9am, 1pm or 5pm and adapt to the Amber Cove or Taino Bay ship schedule. On Whatsapp the contact is 305-677-2616.

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