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The Amber Cove Port Guide video explains the needed information on visiting the cruise port, and finding the various areas for recreation, tour booking, pools, amenities and customs.

The design of this cruise port incorporates modern interpretations of the important historical periods of the province of Puerto Plata: environments that recreate the fortified architecture of the 16th century, the classic-colonial style of the 18th century, and the Victorian style of the late 19th century.

Amber Cove offers many amenities and an extensive tours catalog to the best of Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Costambar and Cofresi. There are dozens of drivers available to take the traveler to the tour destinations, this is the distance to each:

  • Puerto Plata: 20 minutes
  • Sosua Beach: 35-40 minutes
  • Costambar: 10 minutes
  • Cofresi Beach: 5 minutes
  • Cabarete Beach: 45 minutes

The ship schedule normally starts at 8:00am and departs around 4-5pm, be sure to get the accurate information before going away on a tour so you can be on time when the ship departs. The cost of a taxi from Amber Cove to Puerto Plata costs around $35 inside the port.

The port infrastructure consists of two piers that can simultaneously host two large post-Panamax cruise ships, which means about 10,000 daily visitors, including crew and tourists. In addition to the pier, the approximately ten-acre tourist complex contains several programmatic components: a welcome center, the transportation center, and extensive recreational areas.

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The first environment for visitors is the welcome center, which is located along the coastline. Around its cobbled squares line some twenty-five establishments that house a wide variety of retail offerings, including themed restaurants and bars, a handicrafts and souvenir market, duty-free shops and leisure facilities.

The Puerto Plata DR travel guide has the most complete section on Amber Cove Port amenities, be sure to visit it as it contains links to the interactive map, list of restaurants, bars and everything on the local cruise ports.

All are built with vernacular materials, wooden structures with several waters and covered with vegetal fiber, and have a platform for sunbathing. Atkins also incorporated self-sustaining and sustainable features, such as rooftop rainwater harvesting, seawater desalination, and its own wastewater treatment plant to minimize environmental impacts.

Amber Cove Map
Amber Cove Map

Map of Amber Cove Cruise Port in Puerto Plata

The Amber Cove port is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, also known as the Amber Coast, just outside the historic city of Puerto Plata, founded by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

From Amber Cove you have easy and comfortable access to Puerto Plata, where the San Felipe fortress is located, the first fortress built by European colonizers in the New World. We hope you Enjoy the Amber Cove Port Guide, courtesy of the Costambar Beach Travel Guide.

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