Costambar horseback riding tours are available departing from Maimon, to ride on the beach, in the local villages, rivers and mountains. Several tour operators take the visitors on an immersive journey through natural scenery of the Dominican Republic landscape; The rides across animal farms show us pigs, cows, turkeys, goats, chicken, donkeys and other species along the way.

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Horseback Riding on Teco Beach

Teco Beach is a pristine beach across the Amber Cove Cruise Port, often used for eco tours such as horseback riding. The 4 hour ride allows visitors to swim at the beach, ride through the local countryside villages and take in the natural scenery.

This tour is the one closest to Costambar and the Carnival Cruises Port. Country World is the tour operator offering Costambar horseback riding in the Maimon area.

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Puerto Plata has many great tour operators, we recommend the top ones, so we have to include Mega Adventures DR, which is in the top 10 list of best operators in the area and has a great horseback riding tour in pristine land. Please contact them about locations and information on booking.

Riding Near Muñoz, Playa Dorada

Other tours start in Las Uvas and go up the mountains on the South side of Playa Dorada, riding in the hills with ocean views. This excursion makes several stops that include river beds, farms, a local village restaurant and gift shop. This ride starts up the road at La Estancia, Puerto Plata and is featured in the Puerto Plata Travel Guide horseback riding article.

Riding on Bergantin Beach

Bergantin Beach is right next to Playa Dorada, and a still undeveloped area where visitors enjoy the beautiful beach landscape as part of the horseback riding tours offered by Lorilar Ranch in Puerto Plata. Other similar excursions are found in Sosua and Cabarete, be sure to visit the travel guide for more information.