Amber Cove Port Schedule: A Gateway to Puerto Plata’s Ship Arrivals

The Amber Cove port schedule allows cruise passengers to get an updated view at the arriving ships to the Carnival Cruises port in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The port, which is a gateway to the vibrant North coast of the island, has become an essential destination when traveling to the West Caribbean area.

While it’s essential to consult the official Carnival Cruises website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date arrival schedules, Amber Cove typically welcomes cruise ships throughout the week.

How Long do the ship stays?

Most ships dock in the morning, giving passengers an entire day to explore the port and its surrounding areas. Departures usually occur in the late afternoon or evening, allowing guests to soak in a beautiful Caribbean sunset before heading back onboard.

The usual time expected to be in town is 9-10 hours. Notice the 8am arrival departs by 6pm or 7pm. October 10th the Marella Discovery arrives at 12 noon and is scheduled to depart by 10pm. As you know, it will take you about an hour to clear the crowds and make it out of the ship, so be sure to schedule any activity one hour after the ship docks into port.

JUNE 2024 SCHEDULE –updated
Amber Cove June schedule
Amenities and Features of Amber Cove Port:

1. Stunning Pool Area: One of the most significant draws of the Amber Cove port is its massive pool area. Complete with water slides, a swim-up bar, and loungers, passengers can relax and unwind under the Dominican sun.

2. Adventure Excursions: For those who prefer to get their adrenaline pumping, various excursions are available, including zip lining, ATV rides, and horseback riding. There’s something for everyone, from the most adventurous to the most laid-back traveler.

3. Shopping: Amber Cove boasts a series of shops and marketplaces where passengers can purchase local crafts, jewelry, souvenirs, and more. It’s an excellent opportunity to grab a memento of your journey or gifts for loved ones back home. The list of Amber Cove amenities to choose from is quite extensive.

4. Dining: No visit to the Dominican Republic would be complete without indulging in its delicious cuisine. There are several dining establishments in Amber Cove where guests can savor local dishes, from fresh seafood to succulent meats.

5. Sky Bar: Offering panoramic views of the port and the ocean beyond, the Sky Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or two while taking in the vistas.

6. Cultural Experiences: Just beyond the port, the vibrant city of Puerto Plata awaits. Guests can venture out to explore historic sites, interact with locals, and immerse themselves in Dominican culture. Highlights include the Fort of San Felipe, Amber Museum, and the beautiful Malecon beachfront boulevard.

7. Transportation: For those eager to explore further afield, Amber Cove provides easy access to car rentals, taxis, and bus tours. This ensures passengers can explore Puerto Plata and the wider region at their own pace.

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