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Costambar Beach

Costambar Beach


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stingrays off Costambar beach


marine life

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Bird`s eye view
Amber Cove

Amber Cove Port Guide

The Amber Cove Port Guide video explains the needed information on visiting the cruise port, and finding the various areas for recreation, tour ...
El Carey Restaurant Bar Costambar
Beach Bars

El Carey Restaurant Bar

El Carey El Carey Restaurant Bar in Costambar Beach is the one for dancing local rhythms (merengue, tipico, bachata) as the bar includes ...
marine life

Caribbean Octopus

Caribbean reef Octopus is considered one of the most intelligent invertebrates, and a true master of disguise. Their natural Chromatophores ( specialized color ...
Close up view of Trunkfish in Costambar
marine life

Trunk Fish

Trunkfish are cute, just ask any diver or snorkeler who has been to the Caribbean islands. This species belong to the Tetraodontiformes from ...
Blenny fish
marine life

Blenny Fish

Blenny fish is any of the numerous fishes of the suborder Blennioidei (order perciformes) These are mostly small fish found from tropical to ...
Dory fish Costambar
marine life

John Dory Fish

Dory fish (Zeus Faber) are a benthopelagic coastal fish,  found throughout the tropical and temperate latitudes of the world oceans (except the Eastern ...

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Costambar Beach

Costambar Beach is one of those special beaches of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic around which a community of expats have ...

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