El Catamaran Costambar Restaurant & Bar is a true landmark, another stand out spot for drinks and food right by the beach. They have a kitchen, a bar and plenty  of beach frontage with tables and loungers. Though not the fanciest, the staff works hard to make the client feel relaxed.

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The name of Catamaran came from the original founder of this Costambar beach bar many years ago, it is said he owned such a vessel here in town. Their loungers offer both open sun and shaded areas, and the waiter brings the orders straight to the beach shore where customers sprawl.

On Google Maps

EL Catamaran is located just before el Farolito, and past all the bars along Costambar Beach. It will show in Google maps as soon as the update takes place. Its location is ideal to avoid crowds, so be sure to visit if you feel the beach is getting crowded and you need a more pristine area to yourself.

The Food and Drinks

Top choice for food here is fried fish with mashed plantain ( tostones) and avocado, they also offer other seafood and local Dominican food. For drinks a shot of Brugal Doble Reserva, Baileys or Scotch; or just a Presidente beer. The video below shows great vistas of the area.

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